Cordisons International (Kenya) Limited was structured from a family-owned engineering firm, Cordisons Inter-engineering & Services, which has performed in Kenya’s manufacturing industry since 1990. The latter is a pioneer in the government and UNDP-recognized "Jua Kali" Sector, Kenya’s informal manufacturing industry. It continues to design and fabricate high quality metal and metal sheet products that supply tourism, agriculture and manufacturing industries. Directors of Cordisons International (K) Limited have worked in Kenyan and U.S. universities, domestic and international private sector and international non-profit organizations. They have consulted in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, construction and international trade in the United States, Ghana, Sudan and Tanzania. They have also worked in UN agencies in Nairobi and New York City. They hold advanced degrees and diplomas from Kenya, Italy, the UK and USA. Following Kenya's declared energy crisis in 2009, global gravitation toward Green Energy and the notable progress in Wind turbine technologies, Cordisons set out to rally a strong coalition of wind energy experts to develop viable projects in Kenya and, gradually, to establish a foot print in the African Green Energy market. Select flagship projects are listed here.

Our Team

Management during the development phase is structured between directors living in Nairobi, Dallas and the greater New York area. Company CEO, administration, legal and regulatory actors are based in Nairobi. Commercial activities are coordinated from Dallas. New York hosts international facilitation instruments. Technical and financial development is driven by Kenyan and German teams. The complete list of principals, technical advisors and consultants is availed on request to qualified clients, prospective investors and business associates.